Naturopathic medicine is a system of primary health care that promotes wellness and prevention of illness or disease. Naturopathic doctors are highly-educated primary care providers who integrate standard medical diagnostics with a broad range of natural therapies. Naturopathic medicine plays an important role in integrative health care, and treatments can be used on their own or together with conventional medicine.

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  • More Clinical Nutrition Clinical Nutrition Clinical Nutrition is the cornerstone of good health. Like medicines and drugs, foods affect the way your body functions. Some foods help you heal, while others damage your body and contribute to chronic illness.
  • More Detoxification Program Detoxification Program Detoxification program starts with the removal of factors from diet and lifestyle which pollute the body and then replaces these factors with diet and lifestyle changes
  • Read Weight Management Program Weight Management Program The First Line Therapy program is a lifestyle modification routine aimed at improving body composition by lowering body fat.