Weight Management Program

Weight Management Program – The First Line Therapy program is a lifestyle modification routine aimed at improving body composition by lowering body fat. Vicky utilizes a Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis to determine a person’s fat-to-lean ratio, their metabolic rate and where the water is distributed throughout the body. To further enhance the ability of the individual to achieve their goals, Vicky Weiler also works in conjunction with many personal trainers.

Clinical Nutrition

Clinical Nutrition – Clinical Nutrition is the cornerstone of good health. Like medicines and drugs, foods affect the way your body functions. Some foods help you heal, while others damage your body and contribute to chronic illness. A healthy diet – consisting of the right balance of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phytochemicals, antioxidants, fatty acids, fibre and amino acids – is your body’s primary tool to prevent and recover from illness.

Food Sensitivity

Food Sensitivity – Food sensitivities are delayed reactions to specific foods that are triggered by IgG antibodies. In an IgG reaction, the IgG antibodies attach themselves to the food antigen and create an antibody-antigen complex. These complexes are normally removed by special cells called macrophages. However, if the antigens are present in large numbers and the reactive food is still being consumed, the macrophages can’t remove them quickly enough. The food antigen-antibody complexes accumulate and are deposited in body tissues. Once in tissue, these complexes release inflammation-causing chemicals, which may play a role in numerous diseases and conditions.

detox program

Detoxification Programs – This medically supervised detoxification program starts with the removal of factors from diet and lifestyle which pollute the body and then replaces these factors with diet and lifestyle changes which promote the elimination of toxins. Furthermore, herbs and different supplements are then utilized to enhance the functioning of the organs of elimination. In addition, these agents promote the healing of these organs so they may better serve your body in the future. Excessive toxic load in the body can lead to common ailments like fatigue, weight gain, headaches, arthritis, aging and much more. Respect your body by starting your cleanse the right way and take the necessary steps to achieve optimal wellness.

Acupuncture and Asian Medicine

Acupuncture which includes acupuncture, acupressure and Asian herbs and foods is a complete medical system that has diagnosed, treated, and prevented illness for thousands of years. According to traditional Asian medicine, when your energy flow, or Qi is out of balance, your body cannot adapt to stress, making you more likely to develop chronic illness and pain. A harmonious flow of Qi, achieved by balancing cold and heat, internal and external, yin and yang, will help sustain your long-term physical, mental and emotional health.

lifestyle medicine

Lifestyle Medicine – To achieve the best results from your naturopathic treatment, you need to understand and practice the principles of healthy living. By helping you identify and adjust the habits that contribute to ill health, your ND will help you maintain wellness over the long term.

Physical Medicine

Physical medicine – includes massage, hydrotherapy, peat therapy and other physical therapies such myofascial therapy. Physical medicine works in two ways. First, it restores structural soundness to the skeletal system, joints, and soft tissue. In addition, it builds immunity and supports healing and detoxification.


Osteopathy – A gentle hands-on health care treatment that focuses on maintenance or improvement of normal functioning of the of the body’s structures and systems. The Osteopath will work with you to identify, then gently ease restrictions or discomfort you are experiencing.

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy – Massage therapy helps to promote overall wellness. Treatments can be helpful for a wide range of issues such as: difficulty sleeping, repetitive strain injuries, muscle spasms, joint pain, poor digestive health, chronic pain conditions, headaches, stress and anxiety.

Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga Massage – Thai Yoga Massage combines pressure, supportive movement & full body stretching to create long lasting relief from stiff joints, muscle tension and pain. Of course, it’s also wonderfully relaxing.